Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Podcast

Jeff became a sales rep for a large Fortune 200 Global Logistics firm where he has continued helping clients to this day. He invested his commissions in real estate in 2015 so his “commissions could earn commissions’ ‘ and scaled to over 1200 units in less than a year. Jeff has seen the benefits of how real estate can help grow net worth and wants to help others do the same. Fix and Flips That Led To Multifamily The Team Is Everything In Multifamily The Economic Price Gouging The Increasing Inflation Percentage Flooding The Market With Money Being Mentally Present With Your Family

The Investors Outlook Podcast

Jeff moved from New Orleans to Houston after Hurricane Katrina and found work as a data entry clerk behind the desk at a logistics company. He began solving problems for customers and soon found himself regularly in customer facing meetings helping sales people close deals. Eventually he became a sales rep for a large Fortune 200 Global Logistics firm where he has continued helping clients to this day. He invested his commissions in real estate since 2015, so his “Commissions could earn commissions” and scaled to over 1200 units in less than a year. Jeff has seen the benefits of how real estate can help grow net worth and wants to help others do the same.

Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

If you’ve been paying attention to the news and the economy, then you know that one of the causes of our high inflation rate has to do with supply chain and global logistic challenges. But what does the supply chain have to do with real estate investing, and should investors be more cautious? Today Jeff is going to share his bold predictions on when material and construction costs will come back down to Earth, whether we’ll ever see pre-Covid prices, and whether interest rates really make a difference in real estate investing. Jeff will also share the one metric that he’s looking at that allows him to see the future of prices from six to nine months out.

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jeff joins Garrett and me to explain what is causing our ongoing supply chain issues and why things haven’t normalized since the pandemic. Jeff discusses how rising interest rates impact the supply chain and shares his take on when construction costs might return to pre-COVID levels.

Prosperity Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Jeff shares his knowledge and expertise on the global supply chain, inflation caused by supply chain disruption, consumer demand, and other black swan events. He also talks about why and how he got into real estate and his transition from residential to multifamily. Tune in to find out about his success story!

DREAM CHASERS | Interviews with the Future

Aaron is joined by Jeff Davis to discuss investing in his first family home during the financial crisis of 2008, and how that shaped the trajectory of his personal and professional future. Throughout the course of the episode, Aaron and Jeff discuss: Investing during the financial crisis of 2008 Entering the world of real estate investing Balancing work life with a growing family Learning the true value of your time.

Agent On Duty

In this episode, Jeff Davis explains his experience completing his first real estate transaction and the impact on his perspective with future investments. Jeff explains the importance of having a vision and knowing what your end goals look like with respect to maintaining an order of operations with clear communication.

Cashflow Pro

In today’s episode of Cash Flow Pro, we sit down with Jeff Davis, the Managing Partner at Bridgestone Capital. Jeff has been active in real estate since 2008 and is here to share how he scaled from single-family units and flipping homes to partnering with two large apartment syndications with over 500 units.

Multifamily by the Slice

Jeff Davis is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who has raised money for deals, flipped properties, and is currently in sales. Jeff has experience with both LP investing and GP investing, and he recommends having a VA as a real estate investor.


In today’s podcast with Jeff Devis, he’s a source for strategies to grow with real estate safely. Jeff was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and moved to Houston, TX, in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

Since then he began a career in logistics and supply chain from a data entry clerk to a global sales executive for a Fortune 200 logistics company in Houston, TX.

He began investing in single family properties in 2013 and has transacted his own portfolio in 953 multifamily units // 300 – General Partner 652 – Limited Partner.

Jeff is currently focused on raising capital for the multifamily sector of real estate.

Global Logistics, Economy, and Supply Chains with Jeff Davis

#021 – Global Logistics, Economy, and Supply Chains with Jeff Davis

Jeff talks about global logistics, global economy, and supply chain disruptions.

Investing Commissions To Earn Commissions with Jeff Davis

Jeff Shares His Tips For Investing In Real Estate

The average multifamily property owner experiences 15-20% annual rent growth. Real estate is a stable and consistent investment with an industry average return of 17%. When investing in multifamily real estate, it is crucial to focus on the overall risk and not just the potential for gains.

Global Supply Chain Impact on Inflation and Real Estate

One of the most notable impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the supply chain issues faced globally. These problems have seeped into most areas of the economy, and the effects have definitely been felt in the real estate sector too. Here on the show today to unpack his insight into this subject is Jeff Davis from Bridgestone Capital. We hear from Jeff about his specific real estate journey and how he entered the market and subsequently moved from single family to multifamily investments.

How the Global Supply Chain & Interest Rates are Impacting Investors

Rising interest rates and global supply chain conditions are just two things that could indicate the apparent unstable economic conditions. But how do these things impact investors? Join Daniel Nickles and Jeff Davis in this episode of Two Smart Assets Real Estate Investing Podcast to find out!  

The Effects of Global Supply Chain on Real Estate Investments with Jeff Davis

Almost everything that we have is connected in some way to overseas manufacturing. So when you have a big black swan event, where vessels are suddenly not moving, the entire system involved in the global supply chain gets disrupted. Consequentially, all other plans get disrupted. But how does this disruption affect real estate investment?

Transitioning from Single-family to Multifamily Investing

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