Limitless: Book Summary

Jim Kwik is the world’s #1 Brain coach and has worked closely with successful men and women who are at the top in their fields as actors, athletes, CEOs, and business leaders from all walks of life to unlock their true potential. His Super Reading course is designed to help students increase reading speed (speed reading course). after suffering a traumatic brain injury as a child, he was motivated to personal growth, including a faster method to read and increase brain potential. Later, he created the limitless model for unlocking the ultimate superpower – the Human Brain.

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In Limitless, he reveals science-based practices and field-tested tips to accelerate self-learning, communication, memory, focus, recall, and reading to create fast hard results. 

Kwik discusses the steps to help people reach more of their brain potential and lead more exceptional life. In addition to taking these steps, Kwik outlines 4 major distractions from learning.

By putting these simple steps into practice and eliminating (or freeing) ourselves from distraction (where possible) we can open up to the belief systems within Limitless. Kwik also encourages music, smell and the Pomodoro Technique to enhance learning and increase our human potential.

  • Listening to Baroque music is helpful to focus due to its beat pattern of 50-80 bps.
  • Wearing the same scents (essential oil) while you study as when you take the exam enhances memory.
  • Pomodoro is a technique in which you close your book periodically to let what you have learned sink in.

Simple Steps the average person can implement to achieve full potential:

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition – eat green leafy vegetables to enhance brain function
  • Focus – work in a clean environment to create a space for laser focus
  • Learning New Things
  • Mental Visualization
  • Positive Affirmations

The book is centered around a three-part framework: Mindset (what), Motivation (why), and Method (how). Kwik also addresses the 4 “supervillains” of Learning as various digital formats such as social media.

  • Digital Deluge
  • Digital Distraction
  • Digital Dementia
  • Digital Deduction

Mindset (What)

The human brain is powerful and the more we use it, the more it will grow and expand. Our mindset plays a roll in unlocking our full potential. Having a growth mindset (Limitless Mindset) is essential for success. You can achieve a growth mindset by embracing challenges, and understanding failure as a learning opportunity. The focus should be on progress, not perfection. Kwik identifies the Seven Lies of Learning:

  • Intelligence is Fixed
  • We only use 10% of our brains
  • Mistakes are failures
  • Knowledge is power
  • Learning new things is very difficult
  • The criticism of other people matters
  • Genius is born

These limiting beliefs can be heard and seen throughout your entire life and Kwik clearly says we should not spend too much time on these lies.

Limitless Motivation (Why)

There can be various reasons or goals for individuals. Kwik offers limitless methods to stay motivated and achieve success:

  • Purpose – have a clear purpose
  • Goals – set clear and specific goals
  • large goals can be broken down into small simple steps
  • Visualization – learning styles vary and by including visualization, memory can be increased.
  • Focus – the best ways to increase focus is to eliminate distractions
  • Celebrate Progress – each milestone on the path to a goal should be celebrated
  • Overcome Obstacles – obstacles are innevitable and should be seen as opportunities to grow

Limitless Methods ( How)

Kwik offers several methods to fix a “broken brain.” incorporating these methods will do a good job of unlocking your full potential.

  • Brain Exercises – memorize a list of items, solve puzzles, or learn a new skill
  • Speed Reading – reading more is part of the mental model to help you learn more and become successful
  • Mental Imagery – Visualization is a great exercise to create mental images of new information.
  • Mind Mapping – create a mental map in a particular way is a good way to increase memory enhancement
  • Focus and Concentration – decluttering your environment both physical and mental
  • Sleep and Nutrition  –
  • Growth Mindset – replace limiting belief phrases with growth mindset phrases
  • “I can’t” with “this will be difficult.”

Traditional Education does not encourage critical thinking skills. With deep practice of some of these simple steps, you can propel your brain into exponential thinking and reduce the learning curve on new subjects. Making daily decisions to use your free time to have a daily review of what you have learned for the day can have a huge impact on your learning potential.

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